Basically, I’m lazy. I procrastinate as long as possible on things that I am genuinely enthusiastic about due to life’s little distractions, amongst which are other projects and ideas. This partially explains why I am no closer to finishing a project I started back in 2001 – hereby known as Echo Lake. I say partially, as I did lose in the region of 50,000 words due to my own incompetence with poor backups. At times I have thought of this as a blessing in disguise, as the concept has now developed far beyond what I had originally envisioned to something far more mature and, dare I say it, pretentious. I’ve introduced themes that I would never claim to be an expert on and there are plenty of nods to other pieces of work.

As it stands on Tuesday 30th March, the story is “written” in my head. It is now down to me and my procrastination to come to some sort of agreement which will allow me to convey this story into a finished product. Maybe publishing work in progress will aid this, maybe it won’t.

Ultimately, this blog will develop bit by bit and include all areas of my work from (very) basic synopses that I’m happy to share, to short stories and basic ideas that don’t fit within anything specific. Any comments are more than welcome.

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